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Chairlady: Prof. Yao Yan
Secretary: Dr. Xinyu Shi
Address: China Building Materials Academy, Guanzhuang Dongli 1#, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100024, China.
Phone: 86-10-51167489
Fax: 86-10-51167954
E-mail: shixy1994@qq.com


RILEM TC 246-TDC (Test methods to determine durability of concrete under combined environmental actions and mechanical load) is a technical committee within RILEM community, founded in Hong Kong on September, 2011. As of Febuary 2016, it has 41 members from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, The Netherlands and the United States.

According to the working plan, RILEM TC 246-TDC has the following three main missions: (1)  to compile an annotated bibliography; (2) to develop a suitable test method to study the durability under combined actions; (3)  to verify the applicability of the new test method for characterizing the durability of concrete under combined actions. Toward the end of the activity of TC, a recommendation on the most promising test method shall be estabilished. 

The chairlady and secretary are from China Building Materials Academy (CBMA), and then you may contact them in the following address:
Address: China Building Materials Academy, Guanzhuang Dongli 1#, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100024, China.
Chairlady: Prof.Yao Yan,                 Email: cbmayaoyan@163.com
Secretary: Prof. Wang Ling           Email: 626043162@qq.com; wangling@cbmamail.com.cn
Phone: 86-10-51167489
Fax: 86-10-51167954


The major aim of TC 246-TDC is to develop test methods to characterize the behaviour of concrete under combined actions such as mechanical load, freeze-thaw cycles, and chloride penetration. The validity of the recommended test methods shall be checked by comparative test series carried out in a number of selected laboratories in different countries. Finally a RILEM recommendation for the newly developed test methods shall be published. Results of the suggested tests shall provide a solid basis for more realistic service life prediction.  


Detailed information of ALL MEMBERS


The necessary duration of this new RILEM TC is four years. During the first year two aims must be achieved. A thorough literature review shall be undertaken compiling all relevant publications on concrete properties under combined actions. In addition a first series of comparative tests shall be prepared, based on the outcome of the literature review. A core group of members who are able and willing to participate in comparative test series will be composed by invitation. In addition volunteers from all countries are welcome. It is expected that National Delegates will nominate experts from their region. A comprehensive report with a complete bibliography of methods to predict service life and test methods to determine relevant material properties shall be established.

Action Plan

The duration of RILEM TC 246-TDC is four years. To insure our work going on wheels, detailed working programme was made as follows.

Frist Year
Annotated bibliography and test method review
Second year
First series comparative test, evaluation of the results
Third year
Second series comparative test, organization of an international workshop
Fourth year
Recommendations for suitable test method,
organization of an international conference


First Year

An extensive literature study shall be made and a comprehensive annotated bibliography shall be published. The bibliography shall be focused on theoretical concepts to describe the action of combined loads and on appropriate test methods to determine properties of concrete under combined environmental mechanical loads. At this stage concrete shall be investigated as a composite material. The behaviour of real structures shall be postponed to a follow-up committee. Finally a detailed test program for first comparative test series shall be worked out and distributed among the core members of the TC. 

Second Year

Carrying out comparative test series in a number of participating laboratories (core group) according to detailed recommendations; evaluation of results and preparation of a summarizing publication. A second more specific series of comparative tests based on the results of the first test series is to follow. The most serious load combinations shall be identified and further studied. 

Third Year

Carrying out the second more specific series of comparative tests; evaluation of test results and pointing out the relevance for prediction of service life of reinforced concrete structures; Organization of an international workshop on Service life of Reinforced Concrete Structures under Combined Loads.

Fourth Year

Summarizing most important results and publication of conclusions; Elaboration of recommendations for durable construction of reinforced concrete structures and a state-of-the-art report; Organization of a conference on Prediction of Service Life of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Relevant Material Properties, and Most Severe Load Combinations.