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Prof. Carmen ANDRADE


Last name

First name
+34 913020440 Ext 353
“Center for Research in Security and Durability of Structures and Materials” (CISDEM) of the National
Research Council of Spain (CSIC)
Serrano Galvache, 4 St. 28033, Madrid, Spain
Brief Curriculum Vitae
Present Position
- Research Professor of the National Research Council of Spain (CSIC) at the Institute of
Construction Science "Eduardo Torroja" (IETcc).
- Adviser to the State Secretary of Universities of the Ministry of Science and Innovation
She has worked as a scientist studying the durability of buildings, with particular attention at the phenomenon of corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete. She is author of numerous publications and has several national and international patents. She has supervised 24 doctoral theses. She has been Director of the Institute of Construction Sciences Eduardo Torroja (CSIC) for more than 10 years, she has participated in Standardization committees and has been Chairman of several international organizations related to the specialty (UEAtc, RILEM, WFTAO and Liaison Committee which brings together associations: CIB, FIB, IABSE, IASS, RILEM and ECCE). Also she has been Chairman and Vicechairman of a sectorial program of CYTED. She has received several international awards and recognitions for her research work and training. In 2003 she was appointed Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Trondheim, Norway and in 2006 by the University of Alicante. She is the Principal Researcher of the Project SEDUREC in the Program Consolider Ingenio 2010. At present she has been General Director of Technological Policy of the Ministry of Education and Science and she is Advisor to the Secretary of State Universities in the Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Research interests related to the TDC
I intend to co-operate primarily in the following group during the initial phase:
X Group Acontributing to the literature review
Relevant Publications
Is author or co-author of more than 210 publications in international and recognized Journals and more than 130 in Journals not included in the SCI.
Has written 26 books as author or editor and about 100 book chapters in national and international books.
Has presented about 550 communications in International Congresses and about 168 in Spanish ones.
Has elaborated about 220 research or service reports for private industries.
Has supervised 30 Doctoral Thesis and 17 Master Reports.
Her “h-Index” is 27
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